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Peachtree City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Georgia Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer

If police are called as a result of a dispute between family members or significant others they will almost always arrest somebody; even when the facts are unclear. Once arrested in a "family violence" case it may take days before a judge sets a bond allowing you to be released from jail. If you have been arrested or charged with family violence assault and battery, I encourage you to contact my firm immediately. I am Glen P. Burn, and I have been defending people in Georgia assault and battery cases for more than 15 years.

Through my long experience in handling these kinds of cases, I know that there is usually more to a domestic violence charge than meets the eye. Family situations can be the most difficult for our legal system to sort out.

  • False charges of domestic abuse are often made to gain advantage in divorce court.
  • Simple arguments get heated and are misunderstood by purported witnesses.
  • Often the wrong person is arrested (usually the male).

Once released from jail you may face court orders that restrict your access to your family and home. Conviction on domestic violence charges may damage or destroy your career prospects.

As your domestic violence defense attorney I will thoroughly investigate your case in order to present all facts and circumstances to a prosecutor and judge. In situations of false abuse claims or the result of self-defense, I work hard to get charges dismissed. In other situations I work to persuade the prosecutor and judge to allow my clients entry into diversion programs in order to avoid a devastating criminal conviction.

At the Law Office of Glen P. Burn, I will work to find ways to protect your record and good reputation.

Restraining Orders

Many times in cases of purported domestic violence or family abuse, the alleged victim will obtain a restraining order against you prohibiting you from your home and from contact with your children. I can assist you in opposing or overturning a restraining order.

Contact Me

To speak with a Peachtree City domestic violence attorney regarding assault and battery or family violence charges, contact the Law Office of Glen P. Burn. My office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, but I can meet at any time by appointment. I offer a free consultation, and I am free to meet at your home, jail or a location more convenient for you.