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Peachtree City Juvenile Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Effective Defense for Juveniles Charged With Drug Possession

Drug abuse and possession among teenagers is a major concern in our legal system. Depending on the circumstances, a child who is facing drug charges or minor in possession charges may, at a minimum, lose his or her driver's license and be placed on probation, or, at worst, be placed in a juvenile detention center. It is vitally important to obtain the services of an experienced Peachtree City juvenile drug possession defense attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your juvenile son or daughter from the possibility of overzealous police and prosecutors.

I am attorney Glen P. Burn and I have been providing juvenile criminal defense services in Georgia for more than 15 years. I will act to obtain the best possible resolution to your child's case, with the objective of limiting or eliminating long-term damage to his or her future. I promise to be totally on your side while I work diligently to build the strongest defense possible.

Fighting for Positive Resolutions

As a Georgia criminal defense lawyer, I will work to limit the charges brought against your child by challenging the manner in which evidence was obtained. In the alternative, I will suggest alternative modes of treatment or consequences, with the goal of preserving parental decision making, as opposed to government-directed punishments.

Getting Juveniles the Help They Need

In the experience I have had at my Peachtree City law office, I understand that there are occasions where juveniles who use drugs are suffering from substance abuse addiction. Placing such a child in juvenile detention is not going to solve the problem. In these situations, I, in my role as an effective and experienced juvenile drug possession attorney, will work to persuade the authorities that detention is not the answer. I will argue that treatment is the solution that will best serve the interests of both your child and society.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Fayetteville Juvenile Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

A parent's primary concern is for their child's future. With so much at stake, I will do everything within my power to protect and preserve your child's future. Contact me, a Peachtree City juvenile drug possession defense attorney, online or call 770-487-1202 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. My office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment. All major credit cards are accepted.