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Peachtree City Juvenile Theft Defense Lawyer

Experienced Defense of Juveniles Facing Theft Charges

Theft is generally defined as an unlawful taking or carrying away of the property of others. Examples of juvenile theft include stealing from a store (shoplifting), taking property from another person or even taking money from one's parents. Depending on the value of the items taken, felony charges may be filed which carry severe penalties that can follow a juvenile for life.

I am Peachtree City juvenile theft defense attorney Glen P. Burn and I have more than 15 years of experience handling juvenile shoplifting and theft cases. Over the years, I have developed a proven track record of success. I am well aware that when it comes to juvenile cases, a lot is at stake. It is of the utmost importance to me to protect your child's long-term future. I promise to be totally on your side as I work to provide you with the strongest possible defense.

Seek Legal Help as Soon as Possible

If your child has been charged with a theft crime or has been contacted by the police but has not yet been charged, you should get help from me, a Georgia juvenile defense attorney, immediately. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that I may be able to prevent charges from actually being filed. The sooner I am able to get involved, the better the chances will be of either avoiding charges or minimizing their impact on your child's future.

A Strong Advocate for When Your Child Needs it Most

When your child has been charged with juvenile theft or juvenile shoplifting, it is vitally important to secure a strong advocate. When you come to the Law Office of Glen P. Burn, I promise to mount the strongest defense possible for your child, and I will always work relentlessly to minimize or eliminate both the short-term and long-term damage to your child's future.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Fayetteville Teen Shoplifting Defense Attorney

A theft conviction as a juvenile can have a negative impact on the rest of your child's life. Contact me, a Peachtree City juvenile theft defense lawyer, online or call 770-487-1202 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your child's case. My office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment. All major credit cards are accepted.