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Peachtree City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Law Office of Glen P. Burn

My name is Glen Burn, and I have been a criminal defense lawyer in Georgia for more than 15 years, after having practiced in both California and New York. Many, if not most, of my clients call me when they need a lawyer for the first time in their lives. I understand that the legal process can be frightening; that is why I take the time to walk my clients through each step of their cases. I will carefully explain potential strategies and consequences. As your attorney, it will be my overriding goal to get you through your legal difficulties with a minimum of damage to your life.

Georgia Criminal Defense

I know that good people get caught up in bad situations. To that end my practice is primarily devoted to criminal defense.

To be able to provide exceptional criminal representation or sound legal advice in any situation, your attorney must be conscientious, attentive, compassionate, and effective. I am all of those things. I take great care to know my clients: finding out their goals, learning as much as I can about their cases, and crafting strategies that work.

Diligent · Committed · Caring

Upon hiring me as your criminal defense lawyer on misdemeanor matters ranging from traffic offenses, DUI, Minor in Possession of Alcohol and marijuana possession to domestic violence and serious felonies you will have my total commitment to protecting you from legal harm. I will make myself readily accessible to you, provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation, and where possible do everything I can to WIN your case.

In short, I will be TOTALLY ON YOUR SIDE!

Contact Me

To speak with an attorney in Peachtree City, Georgia, contact the Law Office of Glen P. Burn. You can call at any time; nights, days and weekends. I offer a free consultation, and I will meet evenings or weekends by appointment. I accept most major credit cards.