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Name Change Attorney in Peachtree City

Name Change in Georgia

Petitioning for a legal name change in Georgia is a straightforward process, but there are two important steps that need to be completed properly:

  • Petition for name change: This is simply a document filed in the county where you live explaining the reasons behind your name change. This document is accompanied by a "verification of petition" form stating that the information on the petition is correct.
  • Publish a notification of name change: Within seven days after filing your petition, you must publish a notification of name change in a paper of the court's determination. The petition must list several pieces of information, including your current name and the name you wish to change to. This notification must run for four consecutive weeks. If no one objects to the name change, the court can then render a final decision.

Call or visit the Law Office of Glen P. Burn with any questions regarding your name change.

Peachtree City Post-Divorce Name Change

It is common to want a name change following a divorce. There are several situations that I can help work through, including:

  • Men or women who want to change their names back to their maiden or prior names following a divorce.
  • Women who remarry and want their children to have the same last name as the new father.

Changing the name of a minor child is a bit more complicated as the consent of both biological parents is needed. As an experienced lawyer, I can guide you through the legal issues surrounding name changes.

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To speak with an attorney in Peachtree City, Georgia, regarding name change, contact the Law Office of Glen P. Burn. My office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. I offer a free consultation, and I can meet evenings or weekends by appointment. I accept all major credit cards for payment.